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If you don't use Landscape Gardeners Pimlico for your gardening then you are missing out. They always go above and beyond every single time.

  • Ken Potter

I hired this lawn service to help out at my parents' garden. They do a little bit of everything including hedge trimming. They do have the lowest rates but their gardeners are the best I have seen.

  • Maddie I.

I hired Gardeners Pimlico to do some garden maintenance and I couldn't have been happier with the service.

  • J. Bates

I didn't know too much about this gardening company - I didn't know about gardening companies in general. But GardenersPimlico came recommended to me. I certainly know a lot about this company now. I know that they're a top company that provides first class services. I was delighted with the service they provided and the overall experience dealing with this company. It was a pleasure having them work in my garden. Now, I'll certainly be passing on their details and giving them references of my own.

  • Stuart M.

The gardener had a strong work ethic and completed a lot of work in a short space of time. He was a credit to Gardeners Pimlico.

  • Josh G.

Kudos to the gardeners I had the pleasure of meeting for all the hard work! Garden Designers Pimlico employ a top team, and they did an amazing job in my garden.

  • S. Glynn

Garden Designers Pimlico provides me with a cost-effective lawn mowing service, they come once a week and leave my lawn looking great! They have great deals and have really friendly gardeners.

  • Stephanie Shaw

Gardening Companies Pimlico have done a superb job in my garden. I hired their team for lawn turfing and the end result has just been fantastic.

  • Riana C.

Gardening Companies Pimlico have been helping me add all the vegetation I wanted to my garden. Their team have been bringing what I needed, giving advice and planting flowers and other plants. They are a great firm and I'm sure you'll love what they can do for you.

  • Amy Fielding

I needed to restore my garden which was a complete disaster due to lack of care. I decided to hire Landscape Gardeners Pimlico to help create a whole new garden with a neat and fresh look. They used the latest gardening tools and equipment to restore my garden back to normal. Now I have a beautiful garden due to the timely effort of their expert gardeners. I'm glad that I hired a good firm which provides exceptional services at cheap rates.

  • Elmer T.

I looked at a few companies for help with my leaf clearance, but only Landscapers Pimlico seemed to be able to give me a really good price. I was a little unsure of the quality for such a cheap rate, but I was soon corrected after seeing how great a job they did! Every leaf was collected and disposed of and my garden looks fabulous. Thanks!

  • Lucy I.

I had a few overgrown hedges in my back garden that were in desperate need of a good cut. Thankfully Gardening Companies Pimlico and their gardening professionals managed to sort it out in one quick and efficient service. Everything went according to plan and there were no problems. I've already booked another one of their services and have recommended them to a friend.

  • A. James

I've been looking for a hedge trimming and pruning service for ages and fortunately, Garden Clearance Pimlico offered this service at the right price for me. I didn't have a clue how to trim hedges and thought it was best left to the experts. I was right. They did a fine job and left me more than impressed.

  • Sasha Johnson

Landscapers Pimlico get a five-star rating from me for the help they gave me with my lawn care. They assisted me in restoring and trimming it so that it was not just healthy, but also attractive. They know their stuff and were a great help, so call them now for excellent gardening services.

  • Victoria F.

Excellent value for money, a really friendly team of staff and a great selection of services. I would highly recommend Gardeners Pimlico, their staff and their services! A fantastic company overall!

  • Naomi Barnes

I was thrilled when Lawn Care Service Pimlico were able to deal with some grease stains on my drive way. The drive and patio were looking grubby, and, as the summer was approaching, I decided to hire the professionals to deal with it. I hadn't got the right pressure washers so it was better to hire those who did. The gardeners did a thorough job at a fair cost.

  • Helen D.

I had always struggled to properly get rid of any garden waste but that was before I knew about Garden Clearance Pimlico. Once I had been introduced to them, my life became easier. I no longer have to worry about collecting, transporting and safely disposing of all the old leaves, twigs and whatnot, because they will do it for me. I am always happy with the work they do for me I have no plans on hiring anyone else.

  • Carla Fraction

Wilma, my colleague, had been talking about Garden Designers Pimlico's work at her new home. I had to see it to get an impression about them. The results were impeccable and done with precision. The detailing of the landscaped garden looked way more expensive than the price that Wilma paid. I called them and they immediately set up an appointment for my lawn. The patio and lawn maintenance service has given me a reason to celebrate again. The team works at a commendable speed. I am now looking forward to entertaining guests in my newly done garden.

  • Yasmin G.

Lawn Care Service Pimlico were so good, I'm seriously considering hiring them for regular garden maintenance work. They did an amazing job and cleared away the mess from my garden in no time. Their services are also very cheap to hire and are reasonably priced.

  • Diana

I own a small contractors company and recently we completed a new block of apartments in town. We needed a suitable landscape gardener to take on the challenge of creating something beautiful from a building site. Lawn Care Service Pimlico rose to that challenge and did an exceptionally good garden landscaping job that was completely on budget.

  • Derek

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